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Do you have a problem with machine?

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The company UROGROUP doo  has expert service teams for carrying out interventions on construction machines – in the field with the users.

For all interventions, which can be done in the field, we send our equipped service vehicle as soon as possible, supplied with appropriate tools and devices and necessary parts. If a larger volume of repairs is required, we have a modern business space in Kruševac and a qualified structure of workers.

Transmissions and converters

Hydrodynamic transmissions of constructive machines belong to group of technically most complicated components. Because of that we have business cooperation in domain of parts delivery and use of the latest technical knowledge and experience with well known world producers.

Besides the parts delivery for transmissions and converters, we deal with repairing and overhauling the components fast and efficient, giving the warranty and servicing in warranty and after warranty time.


Engines, as drive trains of constructive machines, have important treatment in the spare parts program that we deliver. Considering the wide range of engines is present in different kinds of machines according to the producers and strength, we provided the supplying with appropriate parts produced by world producers.

In our development center we deal with the repairs, general overhaul of all engines and their power units with favorable warranty time. Servicing overhauled engines we do at the customer territory, in warranty and after warranty time.


Considering the primary importance of hydraulics on constructive mechanization, in our activity the special place we give to parts and components delivery for hydraulic installations. We also have qualified and expert servicing teams that can deal with intervention at customer territory and in our overhaul –service center In Krusevac. For these purposes we are equipped with all necessary measuring, erector’s and disassembly devices.

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